Our goal in roasting is to highlight sweetness and clarity, developing sugars while preserving the delicate acidity and nuance inherent in high quality coffees.

Each coffee tells its own story, our goal is roast each one in a way that brings out the best in it. We cup each weeks’ roast and constantly evaluate our profiles as they age. Our friends at Onyx send us some of the best picks of the season, and our attention to detail in roasting should reflect the immense care brought to harvesting, processing, and importing them.

Finally, all of those brown seeds are put into your hands. Whether you’re drinking a Kenyan pour over or a decadent mocha, we’re obsessively thinking about recipes with our community in mind. We want every drink to pass along the character of the coffee in it, while keeping some fun options for times you just need to treat yo’self.

It’s important to us to engage the customer in an open conversation. We’re always striving to learn more and improve our practices to offer the most valuable coffee experience to you, and we’re really thankful you’re taking this ride with us.


Just as roasting gives each coffee an opportunity to tell its own story we feel like it is our duty to give it the best possible platform to do so through constantly monitoring and improving our brew methods and dialing in each coffees recipe as they develop and change.

Here in our cafe we utilize a few different brew methods to serve up what we truly believe are some delicious coffees. If you need a quick cup to go, we’ve always got something fresh and tasty brewed up and ready for you. If you’ve got an extra 3 minutes, we love speaking to our different coffees available through use of our automated pour-over bar, the Seraphim™.

The Seraphim™ allows us to make personal connections with our customers while brewing exceptional coffee at the same time. Having an automated brewer also gives us the freedom to work on some espresso drinks or prepare a quick toast plate while the machine does the work to brew, keeping us moving quickly and efficiently without compromising quality. As we cycle through coffees each season we take care to customize each coffees brew setting in the seraphim™ to ensure each individual coffee gets the attention it deserves and yields the best tasting cup possible.



Our team at Primer loves getting our customers involved. One of the ways we enjoy connecting with our community is through hosting Public Cuppings and Workshops in-store. These events are open to anyone who wants to come experience the many delights of coffee tasting and brewing. We often practice and showcase brewing methods we like and offer hands-on brewing fun with the many gadgets we carry at Primer. Check out our events calendar on Facebook to see what events are coming up!