One extraction of espresso accompanied

by sparkling water

Espresso + Milk 3oz | 6oz | 9oz | 12oz | 16oz iced

decaf available upon request

House-made Vanilla

available in 9oz & 12oz


with house-made chocolate ganache

9oz | 12oz

Alternative milk substitution

house-made with almonds, oats, and dates







Earl Grey

Chinese and Ceylon teas scented with oil of Bergamot,

a citrus fruit grown in the Mediterranean. Fresh,

fruity, and floral.

Jasmine Pearls

a delicate Chinese green tea that is rolled into pearls

and scented with jasmine blossoms. Fresh and

sensual, each pearl opens like a flower.

House Blend Oolong

this customer favorite blends the roastiness of Green

Jade with the green notes of Emerald Oolong.

A balanced oolong blend for all tastes.

Clementine Sunset

rooibos, chamomile, clementine essential oil, and orange

combine into a blend that is a tasty fruit mélange.

Delicious served hot or iced.

Matcha Latte

a blend of powdered green tea and sugar with

steamed milk.

Earl Grey Tea Latte

delicious Jasmine Pearls Earl Grey served with

steamed milk and a hint of vanilla


also available over ice

12 ounces

Ethiopia Banko Gutiti

floral, fresh berries, mango


coffee cake, jam, rich juicy finish


caramel, milk chocolate, tangerine

9oz | 12oz



Rosemary Lemonade

tart lemonade, semi sweet and infused with fresh rosemary

Shuksan Arm

espresso and brown sugar

served sparkling and over ice and topped with

fresh Twin Brooks whipped cream

Espresso Tonic

espresso with sparkling tonic water,

garnished with an orange peel

Espresso + Honey

espresso shaken with honey, served chilled

Blueberry Shrub

a sparkling sweet-tart mixture of blueberries and vinegar

Sparkling Cascara

coffee cherry tea served over ice and topped

with grapefruit bitters and rosemary

Hot Chocolate

with house-made chocolate ganache

9oz | 12oz


image_uploaded_from_ios (1).jpg


Meat + Cheese Board

an assortment of cheese and charcuterie with

accompaniments, served crisp Mountain Rye

 from Raven Breads

Bread +

2 slices artisan Mountain Rye from Raven

Breads, toasted with honeycomb, preserves,

and butter

+ cheese

drizzled hard cheese and membrillo

+ avocado

seasoned hummus and avocado

Yogurt + Granola Bowl

plain yogurt from Grace Harbor Farms, dressed

with Chuckanut Crunch granola, drizzled with

honey and topped with preserves

Ricotta Toast

1 slice artisan Mountain Rye from Raven

Breads, toasted with butter and topped with

ricotta, shaved almonds and sweet Coffee

Blossom Honey

Avocado Toast

1 slice artisan Mountain Rye from Raven

Breads, toasted with butter and

topped with avocado, lemon juice and chives



We believe that the words “treat yo-self” should really take top priority on Saturdays and Sundays. Our Belgian Liege Waffles, glistening with caramelized sugar are sure to delight. With a rotating menu and various seasonal toppings, this vanilla-laden buttery goodness is one for the indulgent at heart. So please join us on the weekends between nine and one and treat yo-self to a waffle!