One extraction of espresso accompanied

by sparkling water

Espresso + Milk 3oz | 6oz | 9oz | 12oz | 16oz iced

decaf available upon request

House-made Vanilla

available in 9oz & 12oz


with house-made chocolate ganache

9oz | 12oz

Alternative milk substitution

house-made with almonds, oats, and dates







Earl Grey

Chinese and Ceylon teas scented with oil of Bergamot,

a citrus fruit grown in the Mediterranean. Fresh,

fruity, and floral.

Jasmine Pearls

a delicate Chinese green tea that is rolled into pearls

and scented with jasmine blossoms. Fresh and

sensual, each pearl opens like a flower.

House Blend Oolong

this customer favorite blends the roastiness of Green

Jade with the green notes of Emerald Oolong.

A balanced oolong blend for all tastes.

Clementine Sunset

rooibos, chamomile, clementine essential oil, and orange

combine into a blend that is a tasty fruit mélange.

Delicious served hot or iced.

Matcha Latte

a blend of powdered green tea and sugar with

steamed milk.

Earl Grey Tea Latte

delicious Jasmine Pearls Earl Grey served with

steamed milk and a hint of vanilla


also available over ice

12 ounces


coffee cake, jam, rich juicy finish

Guatemala “Los Olivos”

caramel, milk chocolate, tangerine

9oz | 12oz

Guatemala “Las Catorce”

9oz | 12oz

Ask about other Seasonal and Rotating Coffees



Espresso Tonic

espresso with sparkling tonic water,

garnished with an orange peel

Espresso + Honey

espresso shaken with honey, served chilled

Hot Chocolate

with house-made chocolate ganache

9oz | 12oz



Yogurt + Granola Bowl

plain yogurt from Grace Harbor Farms, dressed with Chuckanut Crunch granola, drizzled with honey and topped with preserves

Daily Lunch Menu (starting at 11:00am)

Fresh Veggie Cup $4
variety of fresh cut vegetables
served with ranch

Crunchy Fries $4 sm | $7 lg
famously crispy fries served with
our house made aioli

Winter Salad $7
massaged kale, seasonal or dried
fruit, chèvre & walnuts. Served
with a tarragon vinaigrette

Plants Platter $10
roasted, fried & fresh seasonal
vegetables served with an herbed
cashew cream

Main Fare:
fresh Americana with an Asian flair to fill &
make you feel alright

Pork Larb Lettuce Cups $9
butter lettuce leaves filled with ground pork
cooked in savory spicy flavors from S.E. Asia |
Topped with peanuts, cucumbers, basil, mint, &
sliced red onion
(add Thai chilis +$0.50)

Rainbow Grain Bowl $10
colorful seasonal vegetables served with
ancient grains over a bed of mixed greens |
Served with a housemade miso dressing

Chicken Wings $11
three sticky sweet Vietnamese chicken
wings garnished with crispy garlic &
cilantro | Served with jasmine rice

Bao Bun Tacos:
Taiwanese-inspired light, soft, steamed
dumpling buns with assorted fillings.

Pulled Pork 3 for $9
slow-cooked pork shoulder,
hoisin, crispy garlic, topped with
cilantro & green onion

Jackfruit 3 for $9
meat-substitute “miracle” fruit,
hoisin, crispy garlic, topped with
cilantro & green onion

Kid’s Bao 2 for $4
peanut butter &/or jelly or
cheddar cheese