Nothing makes us more excited than people sharing our coffee. We know that relationships are built on trust and we are honored to be a part of creating new coffee experiences. At Madcap, we strive to capture the hard work that goes into creating a great product, from the producer to the individual roasters. We want to partner with folks who share our philosophy-- people we can trust to provide a stellar experience. If our passion sounds similar to yours, please contact us. We want to work with you.

Madcap Coffee Company provides specialty coffee, coffee equipment, and merchandise to our wholesale partners. We customize our offerings to each client, which often includes coffee, training, and equipment. Each offering is different. Each relationship is unique For a multi-roaster shop we may provide nothing more than coffee and a smile. For new coffee start-ups we are able to help furnish the necessities to get things going. For restaurants, we can help design coffee programs and menus. Whichever type of business you may be, our goal is to work with you to present our coffee with the same level of inspired quality as we would in our cafe.

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